About Us

 insurance marketing firm in Gujarat

About us

We understand you, better than anyone else do!

You are unique, so too are your financial needs !

RollEdge functioning as the full-service Insurance Marketing Firm (IMF), registered under IRDAI, render you insurance products and services in various packages. In fact, our branded entities are nothing less than the comprehensive solutions to your insurance concerns in various spheres of your day- today life and future course of activities as well.

Our professional aspirations and your wholehearted cooperation can script a new culture in the insurance sector making it more viable, customized, and transparent as well.

We understand you better than anyone else. Hence practical and tailor made solutions to your insurance needs assuring a smooth journey throughout your life.

We serve you from our headquarters at Ahmedabad, the city of vibrant actions and developments, in Gujarat and just make the most of us either through online or visiting our office. Distance never separates us on the other hand bind us into a new formula of professional rapport and success. Just give us a call and distance withers away in seconds and we will get back to you.

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Timeliness and Accuracy

In this fast pitched world of insurance Marketing and Services, Time And Accuracy play a prime role in the execution of the conceptual scheme of insurance product, services and concept delivery. RollEdge professionals are always ready with our insurance products, explaining, clarifying and with proper feedback.

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Scientific approach

Our systematic approach to the Insurance entity as a whole is based on pure scientific spirit and professional attitude. Such a functional dynamism will doubtlessly help our esteemed clients with the space to comprehend and update their knowledge regarding the insurance sector plus RollEdge products and services as well.

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Client- friendly

Our policy thrusts on client-centric approach and we ensure maximum support and transparency in dealings with them. You can see the token of client centric policies in the form of Quick Contact Form, Mode of communication- contact space both in online and offline being provided in each and every page of the corporate website.

Professional thrust-TQP&TQP

We always make it a point to adhere to Total Quality People (TQP) and Total Quality Practices (TQP) corporate policy as part of professional conceptualization, execution and delivery. Thus we ensure you a hassle free, corporate and individual insurance packages at competitive yet nominal rates ensuring your comfort and solace.

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Why Insurance

We always need protection

Human beings are the sharpest of all the living creatures intelligence wise, yet the weakest while facing calamities and unforeseeable incidents

Hence the concept of insurance

  • The concept-You pay in small lots and get the most when you need it most
  • The question-Host of options and which to choose
  • Be with the leader-RollEdge IMF
Why-Host of prime plans
  • Incredible choices and options
  • We respect you uniqueness-you needs and dreams
  • Hence the tailor made packages and options
  • we consider your wholesome needs
  • Each plan addressing each concern-Health, Travel, Illness etc

Our Highlights

The customers are offered Insurance both Life & General.
Our team of professionals possess the necessary expertise, professional experience, and exposure to suggest, guide and advice you through the crux of phases of insurance processes and processing, so that you will be at an advantageous position.
We can render you professional services in the specific domain safety and loss prevention and can provide risk assessment, proper risk coverage, and placement of business with best-ensuring offices giving best services.
You are our focus and asset.