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Our professional consideration and concern for smart executives like you working in the companies of various nature and stature will find our corporate insurance policy(RollEdge Corporate Secure) much helpful and handy.

Corporate Insurance Plan- Why it is essential

The highlight of the Corporate Insurance plan solutions are in low cost in comparison with the comparatively higher cost once you enroll it as individuals.

What the Indian Income Tax clause says;

Section 80D allows for the deduction for money spent on maintaining your health and Health Insurance as per the Indian Income Tax Act -1961

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For, it directly addresses your concerns and needs as far as your general concerns with regard to the the insurance domain is concerned.

You can make use of the RollEdge corporate secure in case of your ill health and incapacity to execute your work either physically or mentally.In this situation, money will not be a problem to get back you to work.

RollEdge policy model will contain and deliver the best clauses and terms to ensure a policy package with flexible conditions and norms. Our cost-effective solutions will go a long way in ensuring a hassle-free life and security.

Our technological innovation and use will help you with cost-saving measures and online services as well.