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RollEdge Life Term - Making your financial concerns at rest

RollEdge Term Insurance is the professional form of insurance helping you to financially secure your family at the lowest cost in the case of any mishaps occur. Multiple risks including disability, disease, accident or death can affect us unexpectedly complete financial requirement of your family in case of your untimely death.

Life term Insurance is important in the context of on account of the uncertain situation that we as human beings at times are made to face.. Then finance become our prime concern.

A note of caution-

The common mistake with people who enroll for the Term insurance is that they usually mix insurance with investments concerned about the return on investments.

RollEdge Life Term- Prime features;

  • The prime aspect of our Life term policy is its affordability.
  • The highlight of our policy is that the pure term plan renders life cover for a stipulated amount known as the Sum that is assured and for a specified tenure known as the Policy Term.
  • In case, if the life insured dies during the policy term means the life insurance company pays the death benefit to the appointed nominee.
  • There is no maturity benefit payable in case the life insured survives the policy term.
  • The simplicity of the plan makes it an affordable proposition as the insurers have to pay death claim only.
Easy to Buy
  • Buying a Term insurance policy is as easy as buying x or y. Buying a term plan is relatively easier than buying other types of life insurance products or financial instruments.
  • The highlight of the Term Plan is simple in the sense that you need not get worried of the returns the plan will offer, etc.
  • It is a simple in the sense that you can decide the appropriate sum assured as per your financial objectives, standard of living, financial debts, etc.

You can calculate the right sum assured amount using the online calculators as well.

There are 2 ways of buying a Term Plan:
  • Offline : Buying is through an insurance intermediary like a broker or agent.
  • Online: Online buying is buying directly from the insurance company in a digital space and you can make the whole process through with a few clicks of your PC.
Online Term Plans advantageous-

The online term plans are cheaper than the offline plans with respect to charges, with no physical documentation hassles and quick processing. Online term plans are 5% to 20 % cheaper than offline term plans.

The insurance company saves on the intermediary commissions and other allied costs in selling the plan online which is why the company passes the discount to the customer for buying a policy online.

Term plans offer flexibility in paying premiums

RollEdge Term Plans has the flexibility to pay premiums annually, semi annually, quarterly or monthly.

Our flexi options allow the policyholder to choose the right premium payment options as per his budget and convenience.

Offers Rebate

We also offer you rate slashes for choosing a higher sum assured under term plans.